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Honey Trivia & Benefits

  • Honey has antibacterial properties and is used in some cultures to prevent infection of cuts and burns.  Some burns clinics even use honey in patients dressings.

  • Additional benefits include, stabilises blood pressure, improves Bronchitis &  Asthma. 

  • Anti-viral & Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, aids sugar balance, Eliminates Allergies.

  • Strengthens the Immune System promoting body and digestive health.

  • To produce half a kilo of honey , bees must visit 2 Million flowers!! Impressive eh!

  • The Romans used honey to pay  their taxes (maybe Bear Cool should try this)!

  • In bygone days it was common practice for newlyweds to drink Mead (Honey Wine) for 1 month, 1 phase of the moon, to assure the birth of a son, thus the term Honeymoon!

  • Honey found in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs was still edible wow! Impressive shelf life!

  • Our honey is the surplus honey made by productive worker bees, this is lifted off the hives by us and then extracted using a spinner and filtered to remove bits and debris like honeycomb and wax and bee bits! It’s a natural as it comes, nothing added.

  • The bees forage on wildflowers, rape seed and everything that grows naturally, they know what to collect!

  • If we run short on honey then we source from fellow local beekeepers (known to us and often part of the same associations) produced in the same natural way that we use so the product is as natural as it comes from Derbyshire.

  • Honey is delicious in this natural form and tastes totally different to anything you would buy in a supermarket.

  • For each customer that brings their jar back we offer a generous 10% discount on future, ongoing orders as we want to ensure good practice in terms of recycling.

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