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  • It's a Woman's World in bee world!

  • A Colony Can Contain Up to 62, 000 Bees and more 

  • A Queen Honey Bee Can Lay More Than 2,000 Eggs a Day, she’s busy 

  • A Hive is a Constant 93 Degrees Fahrenheit all Year-Round, they huddle in winter 

  • A Worker Bee May Visit 2,000 Flowers per Day

  • Bees are neat freaks, they all have a role and cleanliness is key

  • Honey Bees Can Fly Up to 15 Miles per Hour

  • A Single Worker Bee Produces About 1/12th of a Teaspoon of Honey, it’s power in numbers

  • Honey Bees Uses Complex Symbolic Language, the waggle dance is one

  • Drones Die Immediately After Mating, boys just saying!

  • Beeswax Comes From Special Glands on the Abdomen

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  • The Hive Controls the Types of Bees That Emerge

  • Drones can only mate, fly and eat - it’s a fact boys!

  • A Hive Can Produce an Emergency Queen if and when needed

  • A hive with Drones  in is a happy hive as it’s a sign that honey stores are good - feel better now boys?! Girls like having boys around in bee world until they get kicked out in autumn/winter 

  • The Queen Aims for Genetic Diversity, she mates with as many drones as she can

  • A Queen Honey Bee Stores a Lifetime Supply of Sperm so its a day of frolicking followed by a lifetime of egg laying 

  • All bees have a role to play in the hive, from guard bee, to flying bee, to undertaker bee and nursery bee 

  • Honey bees pollinate an estimated one-third of all the food crops we consume - respect that and respect our bees 


Bee Facts

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