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Sponsorship Scheme

Sponsorship Scheme



Following fabulous interest and enthusiasm in our Bees we launched our 'Adopt a Beehive' Scheme.

This has proved very popular, so following further feedback we have now launched our 'Sponsorship Scheme'.


This is aimed at companies or keen individuals.


This is your way of supporting Bees without actually keeping them!


Our main objective when we established Bear Cool Honey Company was to promote Beekeeping and Bees and provide Bees with a healthy, safe, natural environment providing our local community with good quality honey and ethical fair trade products and gifts.


We love a bee chat with our customers and enjoy sharing our beekeeping days, as well as taking part in local community schemes and projects promoting Bees and the good work they do.


We are passionate about our Bees and our Planet and by supporting our Scheme you are making a real difference to helping the environment, our Bees and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).


Bees and Pollinators face complex challenges brought on by environmental changes. Bees play a key role in contributing to the Food Supply Chain and are in fact the most important creature on our Planet. Honeybees pollinate an estimated one-third of all food crops we consume!


Supporting our Scheme means we can increase our hives and bees which in turn has a positive impact on the environment and raises the awareness of the importance of Bees.


If you are a local business or company supporting our Scheme demonstrates your commitment to the environment and improves your Corporate and Social Responsibility. You can proudly display your Sponsorship Certificate in your office!


We will donate a % of your valuable contribution back to the BBKA who support and promote the craft of beekeeping and advance education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.


We are one of a small number of companies supporting the BBKA in this way and are very proud of this fact. We pride ourselves on supporting charitable organisations.


As a member of our Sponsorship Scheme you will receive:


A Sponsorship Certificate  and A Welcome Letter

12 jars (12oz) of our beautiful honey from the sponsored hive or if they don't produce then from our other hives.

2 annual visits to the hive for up to 4 colleagues each visit

10% discount code to use across our product range

% donation to the BBKA


Terms and Conditions apply * to ensure your safety.  Full details provided to interested parties.  Please message. 


Thank you for your support and welcome to the Bear Cool Gang!

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