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Pet Paw 🐾 Lotion 🐾

Pet Paw 🐾 Lotion 🐾


Can we help with your pet’s dry or cracked paws?

Julie, a Bee Farmers Wife heard that people were using our Beeswax Lip Balms on their dog’s paws. We use it on our Bears!


So Julie has manufactured this natural lotion especially for pet paws. How Cool is that.


Here to help look after and protect your pet’s paws.

Especially when exposed to very hot and very cold weather conditions.


The Beeswax

From Julie & Kevin's own beehives in beautiful Suffolk. 

Extracting and filtering beeswax from their  hives.

Gently melting with coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil.

The Beeswax has been laboratory tested and all ingredients are natural.


Why don't I do this myself? I don't have the bandwidth as it was a complex process to make and launch my lip balms so I'm very happy to stock these from Julie.


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