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Love Wine - Flatyz Candle

Love Wine - Flatyz Candle

£9.99 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price

We are excited to introduce a new funky product to our growing portfolio list of suppliers!


Flatyz Candles are handmade in Lithuania by skilled Artisans.  Unique indeed!


They make a stunning gift and are flat candles cleverly designed with beautiful artwork and handmade by artisans with a little stand that folds flat for ease of posting and packing.


In terms of sustainability all the Flatyz candles use organic cotton wick and a metal steel base (not plastic) and do not use animal based additives in wax.


We love and support fellow businesses who care for our planet.

The perfect gift due to their uniqueness and size.


We have 6 different designs in stock.


Comes with an easy to assemble candleholder



Burning time 3-4 hours

High quality German raw materials (organic cotton wicks, paraffin, safe/certified paints)

Handmade in Lithuania

Dimensions: 2.4" x 0.4" x 5.9  60x10x150 mm

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