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FeltSoGood - Bee Hive Egg Cosie

FeltSoGood - Bee Hive Egg Cosie



Wonderful decoration to any breakfast table or maybe a late breakfast in bed. It is also the perfect gift for the littles of the house who would love to keep their boiled egg breakfast warm.


Felt So Good produce fabulous products inspired by traditional Nepalese hand made felt.  These skilled artisans use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Promoting fair trade business with small craft communities in Nepal is core to the Felt So Good brand, as well as supporting the preservation of traditional arts and crafts.


All materials and dyes used are natural and biodegradable.


Type: Egg Cosie

Dimensions: 10cm x 16cm

Material: 100% wool, handmade needle felted

Suitable from 3 years


Perfect Gift.

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