Fabulous Felt Bumble Bee Garland

Fabulous Felt Bumble Bee Garland


A beautiful addition to your decorations. 


Felt So Good produce fabulous products inspired by traditional Nepalese hand made felt.  These skilled artisans use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Promoting fair trade business with small craft communities in Nepal is core to the Felt So Good brand, as well as supporting the preservation of traditional arts and crafts.


Each one of these will have its own unique character!


Your Christmas Garland, Your summer garden party, an Easter tree, draped across the mantlepiece during colourful Autumnal months..a welcome addition for many occasions.


This bumble bee garland has all those busy little worker bees flocking back to their hive to impress their queen! They've been out in the sunshine all day collecting pollen, but there's no rest for these busy little bees! Sunshine doesn't last forever, and there's honey to make! 

The garland comes with its own reusable organic c