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Bear Cool Orange Lip balm - Pure, Organic & Eco

Bear Cool Orange Lip balm - Pure, Organic & Eco


Our Beeswax Lip Balms are made with the purest, most organic ingredients including Beeswax from the hives, Organic Butters, Organic finest Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E & organic Orange essential oil.


We perfected our Balms, friends kindly tested and approved them as fabulous so we launched to the market 🐝😊


We care very much about our planet so we sourced eco friendly biodegradable lip balm push up tubes. These are large in comparison to the standard 5ml tubes.

Larger eco containers, finest ingredients and handmade.  We also gift wrap in the little bee 🐝 boxes.


Natural Brown Kraft Paper Cardboard Tubes for Lip Balms
These containers are eco friendly made  from natural kraft paper
cardboard with wax coated lining.     

An ideal environmentally conscious option which matters to us 🌍

Push bottom Lip Balm Tubes Made From Natural Brown Kraft Paper Cardboard
  • Dimensions 21mm x 70mm
  • Capacity 12ml
  • Push up lip balm tubes
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable
  • Plastic free alternative to traditional lip balm tubes


SINKHOLES - Interesting fact


There is an official name for this phenomenon. "Lip balm sinkholes" What causes the little hole that often appears in the middle of a lip balm tube? And more importantly, does it affect the quality of the lip balm?

When melted lip balm is poured into a tube, it contracts towards the container walls during the cooling period. This results in a gap in the center of the lip balm, which is known as a "sinkhole".

It's just a normal part of a lip balm's life. The hole is 100% natural and does not in any way adversely affect the quality of the lip balm. 

We choose to embrace our little Sinkholes! 


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