Custom Painted!! Bee/Bug House - Save Our Bees

Custom Painted!! Bee/Bug House - Save Our Bees



Funky, Colourful Hexagonal Bee/Bug House by Shared Earth.  How colourful this will look in your garden hanging off trees, fences or sheds.


We have now commissioned an artist to hand paint designs on to our best selling yellow bee houses.   Celia will be painting designs of bees butterflies and meadow flowers or can custom paint to order...a chance to own a unique funky house painted by a world published artist. Each one will be totally unique!


Celia M Ingram is well known for designing the Harrods scotty dog and the iconic Sheffield Wednesday Ozzy owl. She lives in Sheffield and spends her time painting for clients who love to add something unique to their home and garden! Celia hand painted the Bear Cool retro caravan 'Daphne'.  We are thrilled she has sprinkled her magic on these beautiful bee 🐝 houses. 


Designed to provide nest cells for solitary bees of which there are 240 species in the UK.


Species such as the red mason Bee or the Leafcutter Bee nestin tubes and tunnels so you can encourage these busy little pollinators by providing an artificial nest site like this house.


Bee Houses must be positioned in full sun, facing south or east and be at least a metre off the ground.


Diameter 18 cm

Made in Bali, Indonesia

Fair Trade and Eco Friendly