Candle Damask Leaf Blue + white, 7.5cm recessed

Candle Damask Leaf Blue + white, 7.5cm recessed


These amazing candles are stunning!! We have them all over the house, they look and smell beautiful and last ages!  The gift wrapping is also beautiful so a perfect gift.


Made from slow burning bees wax blends and fragrance oils, this range of "Natural Light" Fair Trade candles has contemporary motifs. 

Damask Leaf

Originally designed and perfected in the 12th century, traditional damask is an ornamental silk fabric with an elaborate woven pattern.  In fabrics these patterns reflected the light and change with the position of the observer.

Colours: White & Tatoo Blue
Scent: Rosehip & Patchouli
Size: 7.5cm recessed 

Comes in a beautiful cardboard gift box that compliments the candle perfectly. Paper and card, no plastics. We have worked with the producer to avoid polystyrene and to 
limit the use of plastic in the packaging to create a more sustainable product. 

Made in Bali, Indonesia

Fair Trade