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Bee/Bug House with Driftwood Roof & Sides

Bee/Bug House with Driftwood Roof & Sides



Funky Bee/Bug House by Shared Earth. 

In the UK we have a wide variety of bee species and not all are social and live in colonies like our honeybees and bumbles. 

Solitary bees are just that, they don’t live in colonies, produce honey or have a queen. 

They don’t produce wax to construct cells but use a variety of natural materials. 

They drink nectar directly from the flower 🌷 and spend a lot of their time collecting pollen and as they don’t have pollen baskets they lose far more pollen than social bees making them excellent pollinators. 

They are non aggressive (no colony, honey or queen to protect) and do not swarm meaning they are a fascinating creatures to invite into your gardens to pollinate and watch. 

They like to nest in cavities and hollow tubes meaning bee houses are perfect to encourage nesting and provide a little house. 

Each female solitary bee lays up to just 30 eggs in her lifetime in comparison a Queen Honeybee can lay 2000 eggs a day!!! You will know your bee-house has a visitor when the ends of the tubes are capped with mud, leaves or fine hairs. 

The three most common bees you may see in your bee-house are Red Mason Bee, Leaf Cutter Bee and the Wool Carder Bee. 

Hang around your garden in trees or summer houses and sheds out of direct sunlight. 

We source our bee houses from shared earth 🌍 as they use ethically sourced wood and trade fairly ❤️


Approximate size: 14x12x23cm (excluding string hanger) 
Made in Bali, Indonesia

Fair Trade and Eco Friendly

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