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Beautiful Butterfly 🦋 House

Beautiful Butterfly 🦋 House


Wooden butterfly house from Shared Earth 

Habitat loss, pollution and changing weather patterns have had a huge 
impact on our native butterflies. We can do our bit to help them by putting a simple ‘butbterfly house’ in our garden which, we understand, can be used as a shelter from bad weather, for feeding and mating, and for hibernation. 

Some butterflies, like the brimstone, hibernate among tangles of bramble or ivy in sheltered, sunny places, others choose somewhere dark and damp: tree hollows, sheds, and garages. 

For your butterfly house to work you need to put it in a sheltered section of your garden near the butterflies’ favourite nectar source. 

Approximate size: 30x21cm 

Made in Bali, Indonesia

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