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Adopt a Worker Bee - Perfect Gift

Adopt a Worker Bee - Perfect Gift



Our Adoption and Sponsorship Beehive Schemes have proved really popular with our customers and we are really grateful for the support.  


So, we now have another Option which is our 'Adopt a Worker Bee'.


unning alongside our popular Adopt a Beehive we have now introduced our ‘Adopt a Worker Bee’ Scheme.


Worker bees are the heroines of the hive, they work tirelessly all their life for the good of the hive.  As a beekeeper I’m immensely proud of my award winning workforce, we recently won gold in the Great British Food Awards 2023.


This cute little pack includes :


An Adoption Certificate (please state name in comments box)

A 99g jar of our award winning honey in our too cute heart jar

A 56g little honey bear filled with our award winning honey

A beeswax heart T light

A beeswax bee

A beeswax lip balm

A honey swizzler tied with ribbon 

A very cute hand knitted worker bee


All wrapped beautifully in a little gift box with ribbon.


We will also donate 5% of sales to the BBKA as we are members and have a fundraiser set up for this supportive much needed charity.


This is your way of supporting Bees without actually keeping them!

This will make a excellent gift for family members and friends.


Our main objective when we established Bear Cool Honey Company was to promote Beekeeping and Bees and provide Bees with a healthy, safe, natural environment providing our local community with good quality honey and ethical fair trade products and gifts.


We are passionate about our Bees and our Planet and by supporting our Scheme you are making a real difference to helping the environment, our Bees and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).


Bees and Pollinators face complex challenges brought on by environmental changes. Bees play a key role in contributing to the Food Supply Chain and are in fact the most important creature on our Planet. Honeybees pollinate an estimated one-third of all food crops we consume!


Supporting our Scheme means we can increase our hives and bees which in turn has a positive impact on the environment and raises the awareness of the importance of Bees.


If you are a local business or company supporting our Scheme demonstrates your commitment to the environment and improves your Corporate and Social Responsibility. You can proudly display your Adoption Certificate in your office!


We will donate a % of your valuable contribution back to the BBKA who support and promote the craft of beekeeping and advance education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.


We are one of a small number of companies supporting the BBKA in this way and are very proud of this fact. We pride ourselves on supporting charitable organisations.


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